To The Top


Create a 60second commercial for accountancy firm PWC based on a creative by Ogilvy Mather.

A man is carried to the top of business on a magical pathway which representing PWC.

He climbs a ladder which appears in front of him

Walks across a bridge in the sky.

Glides up a flight of stairs

Arriving at the pinnacle of his efforts a conqueror…

Ready to survey the world of commerce and business beneath of him




I directed this piece and oversaw the edit, vfx, grade and V/O record.

Based on the brief from the creative team I wanted to create a stylised depopulated world where this type of fantastical story could unfold. I also wanted to use unusual angles, reflections and jump cuts to accentuate the journey, choices and challenges a business protagonist might face as well as engender pace and dynamism in the piece.




Password on request

As the director on this project it was an fantastic new challenge working with a VFX supervisor to create the effects that would communicate my ideas for the look and feel of the piece.

Here is a comparison of pre-vis and completed comps of the work  that gives an idea of the effects we created.

ladderPre-vis                                                                                      Final comp

sky-walkPre-vis                                                                                    Final comp

stairs-upPre-vis                                                                                      Final comp

balcony-2Pre-vis                                                                                       Final comp

balconyPre-vis                                                                                         Final comp


The Shoot

We had a great locations for the shoot  in central London and I was able to get all of the shots we needed  thanks to the efficient and professional FLETCHERWILSON crew.


For speed of shooting I wanted to shoot on a Zoom and the Arri Alura 45-250 gave us the range and quality I wanted.

For the quality of the final image for VFX work and HD delivery we shot 4K on the Sony F55.


Phil and Joe set up the camera. The massive Alura lens was always a two hand task.

In one section I wanted a practical effect of the protagonist’s feet gliding across the floor on the moving walk way. For this effect we devised a way to get the reflections and movement on the shoes and legs  as we tracked through the space.