Collabor8te – Blind Date

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 15.39.05 Collabor8te hosted Blind Date on their home page as film of the week along with an interview with me where I elucidate upon the filmmaking process and offer solid gold nuggets of information for budding filmmakers.

Collabor8te set up by Rankin Film aims to build filmmaking teams by giving opportunities to new talent while encouraging them to learn from more experienced professionals. This might include new writers learning from seasoned directors, or fresh acting talent captured by renowned directors of photography. In doing so we hope to nurture homegrown talent and help them to establish themselves internationally.

you can take a look at the full interview with me HERE


Spotlights film night Joe Rosen Retrospective

“Whirly gig Cinema’s SPOTLIGHTS is a short film night that shines a light on the work and practice of outstanding new filmmakers.

SpotlightsEvery month, three emerging filmmakers are given just 30 minutes each to screen and talk about their films, providing a gripping insight into their background, ideas and filmmaking process. At the end of the night they take part in a Q&A session, giving audiences the chance to probe further.”

Here is a link to my Short films

When I heard about Spotlights I thought it would be a great chance to get together all of the shorts and sketchbook films I’ve made over the years and have a look at them together with an audience. As a filmmaker I found it incredibly useful to take a look back at my body of work from where I am now with my practice and where I could be heading.

I’ll attempt to elaborate at some point on what I learnt but the thing that was a pleasure for me to realise was that I’ve come a long way from that silent S8mm B+W film where I started and I’m determined to keep going further.

The night was really well run and put together by Katie Steed  and it was also great to share the platform with the filmmaker Will Jewel who I know from the Think-Shoot-Distribute talent incubator at the BFI London Film Festival and a new friend and filmmaker Helen Nias.



Screen Daily – Blind Date experience

Screem Daily

“This week (23 November, 2012 ) saw S4London hold its second monthly short film night in Bethnal Green, East London.

Hosted at ‘Motel de Nowhere’, a time share studio space off Bethnal Green Road, the format is a simple. Show a short film and then invite principle cast and/or crew to answer questions about each stage of S4 (script, shoot slice and screen).

November’s film wasBlind Date, a wonderfully witty short film about what happens if your blind date doesn’t turn up…”

The rest of this article can be read on screen daily HERE:

 A shared Blind Date experience 

S4 screen Int