Here are a few Behind the scenes stills from a studio shoot I directed with FLETCHERWILSON for Moneycorp.

The brief was to create an ambitious update  video using a well know track featuring motion graphics and as many of the staff from Moneycorp as possible…dancing.

Unfortunately due to copyright issues the finished film is not available on line

Visually I wanted to see as many performers at a time together against a clean white background where we could develop visual interest in post using the framing of text, movement and performers.IMG_9315By working creatively with position and scale against the white background we kept the video visually engaging in a way that evolved across the duration of the finished film.

We shot on the Sony FS7 with the lighting rig at the studio, DoP Don McVey would have more to say about how we lit the stage, how the camera and lenses behaved along with the approach we agreed on.IMG_9300Professional as ever, I think he did a great job creating a clean, bright and even canvas where the performers could move freely.

The choreography by Jess Brichto from Start theDance was perfect for what we wanted to achieve and for who we were working with. IMG_9348The feeling of unity, fun and focus that we captured  is testimony to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved and really shines through in the candid moments .


Laura from FLETCHERWILSON also played an integral part in getting this project over the line. IMG_9297Comprehensive support during pre production, on the day and integral during post production at FLETCHERWILSON HQ.


If like us, you want a lot of people dancing against a white background at the same time you’re going to need a bit of space. IMG_9337 We used Stage A at centerstage studio  it’s 50′ X 50′ 2500 SQ FT (15M X 15M 225 SQ M)




Smart Things for FLETCHERWILSON/TBA/Samsung

The Brief

Create a set of animated films for Samsung that provide context to the internet connected Smart Products, which Samsung make and to demonstrate how Smart Technology can simplify the users’ life.

The films needed to focus on the lives of the users and how the technology benefited them, rather than the technology in isolation. The films were to bookend speakers at a Samsung European Forum event that TBA were working on. An animated approach was chosen in order to provide flexibility of construction of scenarios, and to convey a geographically agnostic environment that people of different nationalities would be able to relate to whilst being fun and light-hearted.



Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.44.25

Password: SAMSUNG

My Approach

I worked with FLETCHERWILSON and their client TBA on the production of the films for their client Samsung.

The first step was defining the characters and placing them in a family unit where they would logically find scenarios to use the new Samsung products.

After briefing the team of designers and animators on character design and planning workflow I set about writing scripts that would bring the pre-selected product demo’s to life.

Working with TBA and their point of contact at Samsung I devised scripts that had some humour, themes and ongoing jeopardy that would keep an audience engaged with the story and allow the brand message to shine through.

Anyway… here are some stills from the first presentation.

Samsung YEllow presentaiton


The films were well received and contributed positive context to a fantastically successful event – here’s some stills taken from the films with video extracts- 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.00.45

Click for video


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.43.36

Click for video


If you haven’t heard of TBA you’ll likely have experienced their work but just not known they were behind it. They’re an awesome agency who creative live experiences for all your favourite brands – take a look at their portfolio.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 15.43.11