Levi’s Case Study


Create films of 60-90 seconds (plus 15 second cut down versions for instagram and twitter) that feature innovators who are customising their Levi’s at the Levi’s Tailor Shop in time for festival season.

(An innovator is an up-and-coming creative who is doing things differently in their field and aligned with festivals or music in some way.)

These films must showcase the Levi’s Tailor Shop where you can customise your Levi’s, by linking the innovators approach to their work with the work of the Levi’s Tailor Shop


My Approach:

Click here for my full directors statement.

I decided on a simple approach to these films that would allow the contributors personalities to shine through. I combined obs-doc techniques to reveal the character of the contributors, their relationship with their Levi’s, the work they do in their environments and the work of the Levi’s Tailor Shop.

Radio 1 DJ and producer B. Traits

Each of these films is a custom production that further iterates the concept of the value, benefit and importance of customisation.


Poet and performer Hollie McNish

Taking a lead from each of the innovators these films are sympathetic to the look and feel of the individuals, their work and their style. The production values are high and the finished films have a contemporary feel with selective focus, dynamic movement and well paced editing.

Architects and innovators We Want to Learn

The graphics are on brand for Levi’s and consistent across the films.
Filmed in  locations that are clearly connected to the innovators and their practice these films  have an intimate and personal feel that offers a compelling insight into the lives, work and  character of the innovators.  

The final films were seeded across social media and had many millions of views.