Group On – Take The Ummmm Out of Summer

This is a set of comedy films I directed for Group on

Click on the images to watch the films.

At the time of writing these films have had over 4.5 million views and are being very well received on social media – The client is very happy.

Here is the brief.

3x  30 second videos

With out dialogue for use across EMEA


Highlight the desperate lengths parents go to keep the kids entertained during the summer holidays, via three short ‘fail’ style videos.

Whilst mum entertains the kids, something always hilariously goes wrong (to mummy rather than the kids) as an activity – it’s not because the kids are being naughty or bored, rather it’s naturally gone awry.

Showing things going wrong for mum we ask, Time to get out of the house? and then offer the solution: Groupon. Take the “umm…” out of summer.


·     We need to make any scenes work without dialogue so they work across EMEA –
This means physical comedy is key

·     We don’t want to make kids look like they’re naughty, or be disparaging about things mum would do at home –
The scene needs to fail because of innocent or external circumstances

·     Our actors need to look ethnically ambiguous


  • Film starts with ‘entertaining the kids gone wrong’ scenario
  • Set the scene
  • Funny circumstance and punchline relating to mum
  • Scene of the ‘pay off’
  • Green flash screen with text:Time to get out of the house?
  • Cuts to Groupon clip of generic Groupon Big Days Out activity
  •  Play-out scene with mum, as text appears over the top:
    Groupon Big Days Out. Take the “umm…” out of summer.

PowerCoat Alive for FLETCHERWILSON and Nuco Creative


Create a polished promotional film that demonstrates the functionality and benefits of PowerCoat Alive.  Arjo Wiggins creative papers with embedded NFC technology.

1. Wedding Invitation

PowerCoat Alive is an innovative way of delivering more information to a domestic consumer by post. To demonstrate this we wrote a scenario where a wedding invitation is delivered to a couple, they link to a website and RSVP.


Screen grabs from the final film on the left. Behind the scenes footage on the right

This sequence realises my vision for a light bright interior morning and up beat dynamic between the protagonists.

By using a slow push in on the slider the viewer get a motivated movement toward the action, which emphasises the sense of discovery.


2. Jewellery Shop

Showing the benefits of PowerCoat Alive from a small retailers perspective.

Screen grabs from the final film on the left. Behind the scenes footage on the right

To demonstrate this application we wrote a scenario where a shopper purchases a ring from a maker who packages the jewellery with PowerCoat paper. Later the shopper follows a link back to the online shop for another purchase.

I really like the performances in this sequence there is a great feeling in the interaction. For authenticity I really wanted our Jeweller character to be played by a real jeweller. The dexterity and hand skills are incredibly difficult for an actor to mimic without significant lead time.

We filmed in Pretty Shiny Shop and I think the lighting by our DoP Don McVey is really strong, it was a challenge to light the space and the cabinets on the day but the end result is very effective and naturalistic.

The VFX work by the FLETCHERWILSON team placing web interfaces on the phones and laptop screen are also worth a mention as they are some of my favourites.

3. Illustrator

Showing PowerCoat Alive on a business card demonstrating how it can access a lot of information from a tiny vehicle.


Screen grabs from the final film on the left. Behind the scenes footage on the right

To demonstrate this application we scripted a scenario where an illustrator, who works on a large scale, takes her portfolio with her on a business card to visit a publisher.

I really like the soft natural light of the Peanut Factory studio in this sequence in the photos  you can clearly see the space we were working in and Don’s use of negative fill.

Visually, the large space and painting illustrates the scale that I wanted. This then juxtaposes very effectively with the tiny business card and carries the concept ‘a lot can fit into very little’.

4. Holiday Competition

This scenario illustrates a way to use  PowerCoat Alive to add social media to share campaigns and in turn capture data.


Screen grabs from the final film on the left. Behind the scenes footage on the right

We wrote a scene where two friends find a flyer in a magazine, enter a competition and win a holiday.

The dynamic between the women in this sequence is really fun and captures the excitement of winning a holiday. The location, Signorelli in Stratford looked great and was very accommodating so we were able to use the whole space to create some beautiful shots.

5. Ballet Ticket

PowerCoat Alive can add rich media to merchandise, promotional material and collectables. We wrote a scenario where a couple are on a date to the ballet and they access a website of behind the scenes info, video, interviews and stills through their ticket.


Screen grabs from the final film on the left. Behind the scenes footage on the right

In this sequence Don the DoP has created a lovely twinkly feel, I enjoy the performances of the actors and the demonstration of the product is really clear and effective. For me it’s a really strong closing scene.

The Coin Laundry in Exmouth Market was a great location to shoot in, it had everything we needed and a neon red light.



The Initial storyboards from Nuco Creative gave an idea of what we were hoping to achieve.

Through vigorous development at FLETCHERWILSON the final film came a long way from these concepts but the central premise remains the same.


Thanks to all the cast and crew for making this happen.
I’m looking forward to the next one already.
Joe Rosen



This screen is a link to my current montage directing reel.



Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 13.59.51

This screen is a link to a reel of short sections taken from projects which gives a fuller idea of the work I’ve done.

Running order:


Commercial for PWC combining live action and VFX

Healthcare UK

Commercial for Healthcare UK. Illustrating best of the best in UK Health provision

KPMG Cities

Thought leadership piece on the economic strategy of second city development. Green screen and GFX

KPMG Pricing Strategy

Thought leadership piece on pricing strategy. Green screen and GFX

Arsenal World

Intro sequence and GFX package for ArsenalTV’s flagship show. Green screen and GFX

BBC Speaking Sport

Broadcast program which combines sports star interview’s and actuality.


Short horror film, winner of Propeller TV Halloween night competition

Blind Date

Short Romantic Comedy, Winner of Audience award at the LA Film Festival and Austin

Music Medley

Live Multi-cam performances filmed for the BBC

Full length versions of all these films are available, as are more specific showreels.