Going to the BFI Library

As a part of my M.A coursework I have to write a essay on the history and theory of screenwriting. Best get my ass to the library.

ImageHaving not written an essay of this nature since 1999 or some time last century I’m more than a bit out of practice. I’ve written a lot of other things more recently so I’m sure I’ll get up to speed well before the deadline.

My plan is to write about the nature of subversive cinema in Hollywood or how filmmakers adapt subversive ideas for a mainstream audience. Currently it’s a loose idea based around the adaptation of the book of transgressive fiction Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 1996 in to the 1999 motion picture staring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton directed by David Fincher. FIGHT CLUB imdb

I’ve done a lot of research on line which is one big change since 1999 but I’ve also been going to the Reuben Library at the BFI which has been great for the range and availability of books and articles… for free!

I’ll update this thread as my essay develops and I’ll more than likely post extracts on here for the record.

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